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PRACTICE SET MEMORANDUM A) All assignments are due on the date indicated. Late assignments will not be graded. B) Each assignment must be submitted in a small ( R 1") three - ring notebook . Unsecured papers will not be accepted. Your name must appear on the outside of the binder as well as on the work papers. C) Neatness counts! The assignments will be graded for content. A reduction in grade will be made for sloppiness. Invest in a straight edge. NO INK! D) All written material containing numerical analysis must be reflected on columnar accounting paper. E) All actual time spent on the case must be entered on the time summary template. Submit a printed time summary with the final assignment. F) All cross-referencing must be in BLUE and all tick marks must be in RED. Explanations of the tick mark must be in regular pencil. G) The entire practice case (2009 papers) will be turned in at the conclusion. The transfer binder will be returned to you with an evaluation and a final grade.
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