8A2009lecture1 - Syllabus Chemistry 8A Organic Chemistry:...

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Chemistry 8A Organic Chemistry: Brief Professor Sheila S. David Syllabus Professor: Dr. Sheila David 312 Chemistry 752-4280 david@chem . ucdavis . edu (put Chem 8A, S09 in subject line) Only questions that can be answered “YES” OR “NO” will be answered by email. Allow at least 24 hrs for a reply (No guarantees!). Most questions/answers should be directed to office hours of the professor or teaching assistants. Please use proper and respectful email etiquette to Prof and Teaching assistants. Dr. David’s Office Hour: 4:15-5:15, Wednesdays Dr. David’s Secretary: Patricia Chuda, Rm 328 Class Hours: MW 3:10-4:00 Classroom: Chem 194 Teaching Assistants: Shalise Ross, ssross@ucdavis . edu Nicole Schirle , ntschirle@ucdavis.edu Yuanyuan Ma, quma@ucdavis .edu Course Description: With 8B, an introduction to nomenclature, structure and reactions of organic compounds. For students majoring in areas other than chemistry. Goals of the course: 1) To understand and connect the basic concepts of organic chemistry to biology, technology, industry, business, and daily life 2) To understand how the structure of an organic molecule is related to the properties and reactivity of the molecule 3) To develop problem-solving skills that are important for all types of science and business careers
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WEBPAGE for class : https://smartsite.ucdavis.edu *Powerpoint slides/outlines from lectures will be posted on-line. These are meant to help you follow the general topics of the lecture, but not to replace attending lecture. Please check Smartsite for announcements-You are responsible for announcements made in class and on smartsite Text : Essential Organic Chemistry , Paula Yurkanis Bruice STRONGLY Recommended Study Aids: Study and Solution Manual for Essential Organic Chemistry Molecular Models: important for helping to visualize
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8A2009lecture1 - Syllabus Chemistry 8A Organic Chemistry:...

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