Peevyhouse vs. Garland Coal

Peevyhouse vs. Garland Coal - If $29k of work is done...

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Econ 404 23:07:36 rmf34 Peevyhouse vs. Garland Coal Judge(s): Justice Jackson Court: Supreme Court of Oklahoma (Location, Date): Oklahoma, Dec 1962 Plaintiff: Peevyhouse Case Summary : Garland coal sued for damages for breach of contract. Leased farm to coal company to strip-mine, lots of displaced dirt, $29,000 to move dirt, sued for $25,000. Defendant said that this work was not done, and explained why. It is related to the increase in property value from the work done.
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Unformatted text preview: If $29k of work is done, property value will increase by only $300. This is highly inefficient, the farm is basically worthless. The coal company did nothing, they reaped the benefits and didn’t help the plaintiffs at all. The plaintiffs were entitled to specific performance. Proper measure of damages = cost of performance. The coal company should have realized this when designing the contract Defense: Garland Coal Verdict : Law and Economics Notes:...
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