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ENGRD 221: Engineering Thermodynamics Problem Set 13 Due: 5/1/09 (6 Questions) Problem 1 (13.6) – Propane (C 3 H 8 ) is burned with air. For each case, obtain the blanced reaction equation for complete combustion. a. With the theoretical amount of air b. With 20% excess air. c. With 20% excess air, but only 90% of the propane being consumed in the reaction. Problem 2 (13.8) – Methane (CH 4 ) burns completely with the stoichiometric amount of hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ). Determine the balanced reaction equation. Problem 3 (13.15) – A sample of dried feedlot manure is being tested fro use as a fuel. The mass analysis of te sample is 42.7% carbon, 5.5% hydrogen (H), 31.3% oxygen (O), 2.4% nitrogen (N), 0.3% sulfur, and 17.8% noncombustible ash. The sample is burned completely with 120% of theoretical air. Determine: a. The balanced reaction equation b. The air-fuel ratio on a mass basis Problem 4 (13.46) – Methane gas (CH 4 ) at 25 o
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