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Government and Politics Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Chapter 7 Voting Participation (Who Votes? and What Determines How People Vote?) Voter turnout in the US is comparatively low (Fig. 7.1) Presidential election ~50% of eligible voters Senate/House/Governor ~30% State Legislative races ~20% Municipal/Local elections ~15% #1 factor affecting whether people vote is education Other Factors: Age (25% young) (upward of the 50s have the highest) Psychological factors (individual voters) Education Income Socio-economic status Strength of one’s partisan affiliation
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Unformatted text preview: (Myth of the independent voter in truth, less likely to vote) Sense of political efficacy (measures degrees to which believe your political opinion actually matters) Structural factors Location Registration laws (states are free to put in requirements for voting) (not prevalent in other nations) Past Impediments to voting (poll taxes, literacy requirements (grandfather clause), and white primaries) Should the ballot be printed in different languages? Do negative ads encourage/discourage voter turnout?...
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