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Politics and Government Wednesday, September 13, 2006 Test 1 Ch 1, 2, 3 Declaration of independence and articles of confederation 5-6 questions on news stories in class Recommendation: Read chapters, appendixes Then rely heavily on lecture notes, book notes, (highlights into notes), - overlaps have good chances to be on the exam - stuff he talks about in class but not in the book - in the book but not talked about in class - news articles Stuff talked about in class: News stories, if author mentioned good chance on exam Go back and review long discussion articles Were primarily about domestic politics (elections) Declaration of independence questions, go back and look at answers (grievances true/false or which one is not) Be sure to pay attention to who signed the documents – know names (recognize the main figures)
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Unformatted text preview: Know dates in effect and such Articles of confederation review questions, know differences from the constitution (biggest difference location of power), things that led to constitutional convention Shays rebellion Constitution, differences, various compromises, what was the executive issue (have? How much power? How chosen?), slavery, representation, look up provisions in the constitution about slavery When and how did the voting / election system changed 17 th amendment Know original number of articles What congress was mandated to do 2 things in article 1 section 8 (conflict over values and material scarcity) Ch 3, diversity figures High chance on exam if seen in class...
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