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POS110 Combined notes to 9.20.06 - Questions for...

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Questions for Declaration of Independence Consider the following questions when reading the Declaration of Independence: 1. Who wrote the document? Allegedly Thomas Jefferson, but really he just penned the words. It was a group work between the Second Continental Congress who in turn borrowed ideas from other philosophers of the time. These men were educated and fairly wealthy, many of them involved in business (not always completely legal – smugglers), though not of noble birth. 2. What was the purpose of the document? To officially declare a state of rebellion, to justify their cause (legitimize their actions), to persuade/incite the people to join them and to blame a single figurehead (King George) as he is easier to create a cause against rather than the true guilty party – parliament, show the seriousness of their actions 3. When was it issued? After hostilities had already broken out and Parliament had already considered the colonies to be in a state of rebellion. 4. What were the charges and to whom were they directed? Basically they charged King George with impeding colonial government and welfare and for doing a bunch of things that were actually passed by Parliament such as the Quartering of troops 5. What was the purpose of government according to the Declaration of Independence? To protect the natural rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and to organize itself in such a manner that illicit safety and happiness. Obtain the consent of the governed. 6. How serious were the charges? Very grave indeed. They are impeding on the functions of the government (life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness). 7. What do the Americans do because of the charges? Overthrow their government 8. What was the audience(s) for the Declaration of Independence? More for the American people to convince them to join in the fight but also for Parliament showing that the Americans were serious in their cause and as one final urge for reconciliation. Articles of Confederation: 1. When were the Articles of Confederation in effect? 1781/03/01 NA - Articles of Confederation ratified 1789/03/04 NA - The Constitution goes into effect The first, The Articles of Confederation , was in effect from March 1, 1781, when Maryland ratified it. The second, The Constitution , replaced the Articles when it was ratified by New Hampshire on June 21, 1788. A period of about eight years when the country was first getting started 2. What type of government was created by the Articles of Confederation? A confederacy, where there was a weak central government that loosely tied the states together and those individual states were given a significant amount of power 3. How many branches of government were created by the Articles of Confederation? A unicameral Congress composed the legislative branch, there was no executive branch, and an iffy
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POS110 Combined notes to 9.20.06 - Questions for...

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