Politics and Government 10.9.06

Politics and Government 10.9.06 - Politics & Government...

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Politics & Government Monday, October 09, 2006 (missed Friday, October 6 2006 – check reading) Articles: News on $2.1 billion towards fence (not really – allocated towards homeland security) Washington post – media in politics shield and sword Issues in politics effected by how long or short the media covers it I.e. Folley case probably wouldn’t have been so big if not picked up on by media Wednesday, October 11, 2006 North Korea now a nuclear power Didn’t keep a consistent foreign policy (Iraq) Chapter 13 Federal Bureaucracy Characteristics of any Bureaucracy - specialization (experts in certain areas to carry our certain functions) - hierarchy (levels of bureaucracy) - formality (certain way in which things are done, don’t deviate from those rules) - record keeping - professionalization (people who know what they are doing, know how to do it, articulate, and can communicate in variety of forms) Executive Apartments (Figure 13.2) – Cabinet level, essential level of government operation Independent Agencies (exist to fulfill certain tasks – NASA) In special cases, hierarchical structure does not always work best (read missed day) Federal Bureaucracy Personnel (hire/fire) Pendleton act (ended spoils system) Way operate on informal basis - government agency - relevant congressional committees (members of congress) - interest groups Iron Triangles : These three groups join together to make public policy (effective legislation but make around the
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Politics and Government 10.9.06 - Politics & Government...

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