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Government and Politics Friday, September 08, 2006 Articles: President Bush wants greater wire tapping authority from Congress because he believes it is crucial in gathering information for fighting terrorism Secret CIA prisons for interrogation outside of the US was admitted by Bush, but now claims they all have been emptied into Gitmo Could be campaign issue that Congress has only been in session for 95 day (of the year) and have only passed some 400 bills (half of the 1948 “Do-Nothing” Congress) The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act was debated all-day yesterday in Congress Avoiding controversial issues right before the election ***Washington Post, Dana Milbank, The house goes of course UN US Ambassador Bolton (temporary appointed during recess), tried to pass it again Constitution Slave are 3/5 of a person Slaves must be returned to states if runaway No slavery issue cannot be passed until 1808 (about 20 years) This was done to make sure that the Constitution was ratified
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