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Questions for Declaration of Independence

Questions for Declaration of Independence - Questions for...

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Questions for Declaration of Independence Consider the following questions when reading the Declaration of Independence: 1. Who wrote the document? Allegedly Thomas Jefferson, but really he just penned the words. It was a group work between the Second Continental Congress who in turn borrowed ideas from other philosophers of the time. These men were educated and fairly wealthy, many of them involved in business (not always completely legal – smugglers), though not of noble birth. 2. What was the purpose of the document? To officially declare a state of rebellion, to justify their cause (legitimize their actions), to persuade/incite the people to join them and to blame a single figurehead (King George) as he is easier to create a cause against rather than the true guilty party – parliament, show the seriousness of their actions 3. When was it issued? After hostilities had already broken out and Parliament had already considered the colonies to be in a state of rebellion. 4. What were the charges and to whom were they directed?
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