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Sarricks Final Exam - Drexel University College of...

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Drexel University College of Engineering EGMT535 Financial Management I EXAM - WINTER 2009 INSTRUCTIONS This exam must be submitted online by (12 PM Eastern time) on Thursday, March 19 th . You must submit this Word document. If you wish, you can also submit a single Excel workbook with supporting calculations. If you submit an Excel file, each problem should appear on a different sheet within the workbook. In addition, in the Excel file, your work should be “visible” to the instructor – formulas within individual cells will not be graded. Make sure that your name appears in all files and in all filenames (e.g., EGMT535_Exam_DeArruda.doc, and EGMT535_Exam_DeArruda.xls). The exam is open book and notes, and you are allowed to refer to any course materials posted online. You can use Excel or a calculator for calculations. You must do your own work. You can consult with your instructor for brief clarifications of issues regarding the problems. You cannot consult with any of your classmates, co- workers, friends, etc. The exam consists of two true-false statements, one multiple-choice concept question, seven multiple-choice problems and one short essay question. The total number of points is 25. For the multiple-choice problems, show all work to receive full credit or at least partial
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This note was uploaded on 05/07/2009 for the course FIN 420 taught by Professor Johnson,kay during the Fall '09 term at Penn State.

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Sarricks Final Exam - Drexel University College of...

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