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Euro Civ ppt Extreme Politics 4-1

Euro Civ ppt Extreme Politics 4-1 - Into the Abyss The...

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Into the Abyss: The Emergence of Extreme Right-Wing Politics in the 1920s and 1930s Extreme Politics in the 1920’s and 1930’s “Extreme” Politics Belief in/ or use of violence as an important instrument of political change and control Unaccountability of leadership (the “Big Lie”) Belief that state power should be unlimited Total rejection of dissent The Emergence of Extreme Politics (Right-Wing): Causes Lack of/ or weak democratic institutions Domestic instabilities Extension of government power Perceived failures of democracy Successes of extreme political regimes Popular reactions to WWI o Loss of faith in rational action o Veterans and the boredom of civilian life o Germany: the “Dolchstosslegende” (“stab in the back” myth) o Germany: the Versailles Peace Treaty (1919) o After 1929: The Great Depression Extreme right-wing authoritarianism: o Sites of influential far right-groups Britain (British Union of Fascists) France
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