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MCB 2410, Spring 2009 Name ________________________ Quiz #1 Section _______________________ 1. Which meiotic division is analogous to mitosis? Meiosis II (+1) 2-3. Draw a replicated and condensed chromosome. Label the centromere. (+1) (+1) 4-5. Name two chemical components that make up a nucleotide. (+1 for each, up to 2 points total) nitrogenous base
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Unformatted text preview: sugar phosphate 6. What are almost all traits affected by besides genes? environment (+1) 7. What is the term for a measurable or observable trait? phenotype (+1) 8. What is the term that describes the various forms of a gene? allele (+1) 9-10. Write or illustrate the central dogma. DNA RNA Protein (+1) (+1) centromere...
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