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MCB 2410 Name _____________________ Spring 2009 Quiz #4 Section _____________ 1. If every dominant allele adds an additional inch (1”) to a person’s height, assuming a homozygous recessive height of five feet (5’), how tall would the following person be” aaBbCCDd 5’4” 2. If loci are linked, what allele combination will be over-represented? Parental / non-recombinant 3. In addition to multiple genes, what else influences multi-factorial traits? environment 4. What is the name of the phenomenon in which gene expression is determined by parental origin? Genetic imprinting 5. What phenomenon is used to normalize x-linked gene expression in female mammals? X inactivation 6. How does the lead to genetic mosaicism? Different Xs are inactivated in different cells. X inactivation is random
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What test could you perform to help determine the genotype of an unknown? Testcross The completely dominant autosomal allele ( A ) for skin pigmentation allows the expression of skin color, and the alternate recessive allele ( a ) prevents skin pigmentation, thereby causing albinism. Frank is an albino man who has normally pigmented father and a mother who is albino. For the following, indicate the skin pigment alleles and the sex chromosomes. 8. What is Frank’s genotype? XY, aa 9. What is Frank’s father’s genotype? XY, Aa 10. Frank marries a woman who is a carrier for the albinism allele. What is the probability that they will have a phenotypically normal child? 1/2...
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