quiz 6 - nucleotides by DNA polymerase III 5 In the diagram...

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3’ 5’ 5’ 3’ MCB 2410 Name ___________________________ Spring 2009 Quiz #6 Section ________________ 1. What two molecules are responsible for the translation of mRNA? ribosome, tRNA 2. Which specific molecule transcribes all protein coding regions? RNAP II 3. How many hydrogen bonds exist in a double-stranded DNA molecule consisting of the following template sequence: T G C G G A A T 20 4. Primase synthesizes a short RNA primer on the DNA template strand. Why is this RNA primer necessary? Use relevant genetic terms. To provide an open 3’-OH group for the attachment of DNA
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Unformatted text preview: nucleotides by DNA polymerase III 5. In the diagram below, write in each quadrant whether you would find a leading or lagging strand. 6. What stabilizes DNA in its single-stranded form during replication? SSB 7-10. For the diagram below, please indicate the name of the blob corresponding to each lettered arrow and its function. (A) Name: helicase Function: unwinds DNA at the replication fork DNA polymerase was also accepted as an answer for (A) (B) Name: gyrase Function: reduces supercoiling A B leading leading lagging lagging...
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