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The classic yin and yang relationship is that in which two things are the exact opposite of each other, yet are completely balanced. The Chinese believed the universe expressed itself in this way. The contrasting dots inside both sides of the yang and yin are there to symbolize that everything contains its opposite and thus will become its opposite. (Molloy, 219) The yin and yang are not a representation of good and evil. An example of the yin and yang relationship in today’s society would be marriage and
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Unformatted text preview: divorce. Divorce does not win over marriage, just as marriage does not win over divorce. If someone is married and then divorced it does not mean that they will never get married again. If someone is divorced and then gets married, that also does not mean they will never get divorced again. The relationship between divorce and marriage is a perfect example of the yin and yang relationship in our society today....
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