matpowertest - k=10 err=9.09e-013 k=11 err=5.46e-012 k=12...

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Sheet1 Page 1 % Tests matpower A=randn(6,6) for k=8:16 B=matpower(A,k) err=max(max(abs(B-A^k))) disp(sprintf('k=%2.0f err=%3.2e',k,err)) end k= 8 err=0.00e+000 k= 9 err=3.41e-013
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Unformatted text preview: k=10 err=9.09e-013 k=11 err=5.46e-012 k=12 err=3.64e-012 k=13 err=2.91e-011 k=14 err=5.82e-011 k=15 err=1.46e-010 k=16 err=0.00e+000 % It worked...
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