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Sheet1 Page 1 % % Math 5316 - Spring 2009 % Homework 4 - Problem 1 Solution % erdiag=zeros(200,1) erschur=zeros(200,1) for k=1:200 A=randn(100,100) [V,D]=eig(A) erdiag(k)=norm(A-V*D*inv(V))/norm(A) [U,T]=schur(A,'real') erschur(k)=norm(A-U*T*U')/norm(A) end figure hist(log10(erdiag)) title(' Diagonalization Errors ') figure hist(log10(erschur))
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Unformatted text preview: title(' Schur Decomposition Errors ') % We notice that the typical diagonalization errors are about % 10^(-13) and the Schur decomposition errors are about 10^(-14) % The superior accuracy of the Schur form is expected as the % eigenvector matrices V may be ill-conditioned...
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