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scan0002 - Name Problem 1(10 points Part a(2 points The...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: Problem 1 (10 points): Part a (2 points): The following memories are specified by their address space and addressabih'ty. For each case, tell how many address bits and data input lines are required: Address Space Addressability Address Bits Data Input Lines I Part I) (3 points): Below is a diagram of a sequential circuit. What should the inputs to the circuit be if we want to set Q to 1? Set Q to 0? Hold the value in Q? A Q " vol . an Hold Value of Q: azi ‘1 W; (is \ i: 1' " a”- Part c (2 points): Express the 2’s complement binary number l010101 as a 3-digit hexadecimal number. Answer: ( ,_ Part d (3 points): True or False. In 2’s complement addition, a carry out from the most significant bit indicates an overflow. Answer: l: ...
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