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ENGRD2300: Introduction to Digital Logic Fall 2008 Homework 1 Due Wednesday, Sept. 10, at 1:25pm Problem 1. Draw a logic diagram using AND, OR and NOT gates for the function a) (A’+B)·C b) (A+B)·(C+D’) Problem 2. Wakerly Drill Problem 3.5 Problem 3. Wakerly Drill Problem 3.11 Problem 4. You are given the following circuit which has two inputs A and B and output OUT. (The inverters needed to obtain A’ and B’ are not shown for simplicity)
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Unformatted text preview: A B A B OUT A A B B a) Write a function table for this circuit. b) Draw a logic diagram for this circuit using AND gates, OR gates and inverters. (Include the inverters needed to obtain A and B.) Problem 5. Draw a transistor level CMOS circuit for (A(B+C)). Can it be done using only 6 transistors?...
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