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ENGRD 230 White Midterm Answers for Fall 2006 Problem 1: a. F = X'*Y*Z' + X'*Y*Z + X*Y'*Z + X*Y*Z b. There is no one correct answer here. The simplest way to create the circuit is to first draw the gates and then draw the corresponding transistor circuit. Some simplification may result by starting with a NAND for the output gate. An inverter and three 2-input NANDs will do it (14 transistors). Minimization was not necessary. c. F=sum(2,3,5,7) c. F=prod(0,1,4,6) Problem 2: a. A resistor in series with a battery. b. R_T = 1200 ohms. c. V_T = 2.0 V. d. A 200 ohm resistor to ground. e. 0.286 V. f. LL, LH, HL. Problem 3:
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Unformatted text preview: a1. 064 000001100100 0144 a2. FAC 111110011100 7634 a3. 29.5 00101001.0101 052.2 b. 011111111111 Ovr 111001000001 Ok Problem 4: a. Must show all input pins (not C0) with Vcc, Gnd, and a NC, with the same number of pins on both sides of the DIP. b. AiCi+BiCi+BiAi c. /B0*/A0 + B0*A0 and A0+B0 d. /B1*/A1*(A0+B0) + /B1*A1*/(A0+B0) + B1*/A1*/(A0+B0) + B1*A1*(A0+B0) e. A1*(A0+B0) + B1(A0+B0) + B1*A1 Direct comments to Wes Swartz . Last modified on 06/10/4. ENGRD 230 Midterm Answers file:///C:/Local%20Data/My%20Documents/ECE230/2300-F2008/exams. .. 1 of 1 9/30/2008 9:44 AM...
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