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FA 101a: Drawing Section 33206R Monday-Wednesday 6 p.m. to 8.50 p.m. Room WAH 118 Instructor: David McDonald E-Mail: [email protected] DESCRIPTION This is a 4 unit introductory studio course in drawing with an emphasis on representation from direct observation. Drawing is fundamentally about learning to see, and to transport that vision onto paper through a variety of mark making techniques. The class will consist of in class projects along with homework assignments that will supplement the in class work. We will learn a variety of drawing techniques as well as explore the variety of drawing materials that are available. Besides drawing projects the class time will also include critiques and slide lectures. OBJECTIVES 1. To visually perceive, analyze, and interpret visual information through the act of drawing. 2. To work with the visual elements of line, shape, from, space, value, and texture in the creation of drawings. 3. Gain an understanding of figure and ground and their role in a drawing. 4. Recognize and synthesize the representational and abstract considerations of drawing. 5. Gain an understanding of how to incorporate narrative, psychological, emotional, and conceptual aspects of drawing and how to balance those with technique to create a drawing. 6. Begin to develop an individual drawing language that allows you to express your own vision and ideas. GENERAL COURSE CONCEPTS 1. Gesture – Capturing the essence of an object or scene by focusing on the fundamental structure rather than the details. It is usually an active and rapid method of working and is essential to the future success of the drawing. 2.
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FA_101a_SYLLABUS - FA 101a: Drawing Section 33206R...

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