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Homework Instructions Homework assignments in general incorporate algorithms and corresponding MATLAB programs. While the students are encouraged to discuss the programming assignments during the lab sessions the problems should be done independently by each student. No portions of a computer code can be copied from another student. Possible sanctions for cheating and plagiarism are outlined in SCampus under the link: http://web-app.usc.edu/scampus/university-governance/ Students must submit homework assignments in two parts: 1. Hard copy to be handed in at the beginning of a Thursday's class and 2. MATLAB programs submitted electronically on a student UNIX machine aludra . Hard copy should include the following elements: Student's name, date, and homework number. Copies of the programs with all MATLAB functions, Pseudocodes, and A printout of a diary demonstrating the execution of the program (see Example of a MATLAB Diary below and another one given in the first lecture) Each MATLAB program should include: A brief description of the numerical task and the algorithm (with references).
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