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Jeong WA 9 - the American way of life because fast food in...

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HIS 204 Fast Food Nation Chapter 10 The fast food industry has grown more competitive in the United States; the major chains have looked to overseas markets for their future growth. A decade ago, McDonald’s has about three thousand restaurant outside the United States. Today, it has about seventeen thousand restaurants in more than 120 foreign countries. Support for the growth of franchising has even become part of American foreign policy because they represent Americana and the promise the modernization. For example, Germany is not only the largest country in Europe, but also the most Americanized since the end of the Cold war, the McDonald’s corporation announced plans to open its first restaurant in East Germany. Millions of other people at that very moment were standing at the same counter, ordering the same food from the same menu, food that tasted everywhere the same. At that time, the Soviet Union stood as the greatest obstacle to the worldwide spread of American values and
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Unformatted text preview: the American way of life because fast food in the one form of American culture that foreign consumer literally consume. By eating like Americans, people all over the world are beginning to look more like Americans. However, this is not always has a positive effect on our society because the United States now has the highest obesity rate of any industrialized nation in the world. The research study found that the rate of American obesity was increasing every year because the growth of the fast food industry has made an abundance of high fat, inexpensive meals widely available. As people consume more fast food dishes, they consume more calories, less fiber, and more fat. Obesity has been related to heart disease, colon cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension, infertility and strokes. Therefore, fast food now has become a target because it causes a lot of diseases and threatenes a fundamental aspect of national identity....
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Jeong WA 9 - the American way of life because fast food in...

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