Jeong WA 6 - chapter also shows how various things such as...

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HIS 204 Fast Food Nation Chapter 5 This chapter explained about fries; why they taste good, why they are bad for us. In chapter 5 of Fast Food Nation represented of the life of one of the main supplier of fries to Mc. Donald’s, John Simplot. Actually, he was not a potato farmer but later he sold the hogs and bought some land located in Bingham County where the most potatoes are grown in the state of Idaho. He tried to plant some crop and soon enough. It was at this point that his career as a potato farmer really took off. He discovered that food processing by freezing fries and he established dehydrating company instead for drying potatoes. It helped to make fries easily and simplify the lives of American housewives. Moreover, his company became one of the principal suppliers in the states. His methods are still in use today and this
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Unformatted text preview: chapter also shows how various things such as color or smell of food can drastically change our opinion of it. Especially, the taste of McDonalds French fries has long been praised by customers. Studies have found that the color of food can greatly affect how its taste is perceived. In addition, millions and millions of fries produce on the line along with French fry-making facility. The last chapter of 5 explained how to make the French fries and asked why they are bad for us. I already know the answer because sucking, drinking, or chewing a substance releases volatile gasses. For example, the smell of a strawberry is caused by about 350 chemical reactions and Mc. Donalds used to use beef tallow on their fries. Even though the French fires were delicious, we should know about the disadvantage of fries for our health....
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Jeong WA 6 - chapter also shows how various things such as...

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