Jeong WA 1 - HIS 204 The Jungle Assignments The book starts...

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HIS 204 The Jungle Assignments The book starts with the marriage of Jurgis Rudkus and Ona Lukoszaite. The wedding scene also introduces a sense of how strict their budget is and how greatly they fear unemployment. Jurgis and Ona are faced with the horror of the debt after that occurred their wedding. Jurgis Rudkus and his family immigrated to the States from Lithuania in order to seek their dream. Honestly, this financial problem that occur when her father died, and the decision to move to America. They arrive in Chicago saloon, in the stockyards district of the city and find employment performing many kinds of tasks in the slaughterhouses. They heard that many people would have their own land but his family realizes that their dreams of America were severely far from reality because a lot of immigrants, who come to America, are very poor, overworked, and dangerous working condition. Therefore, Jurgis’s family finds that they all should work to survive including Jurgis’s dying father, his pregnant wife, her cousin, her uncle and her stepmother’s children. At first, Jurgis is very confident and he still feels able to support his family but their financial ability getting worse time goes by. To meet expenses, his wife goes to work sewing casings on hams, Jurgis' father Antanas takes a job sweeping floors, Cousin Maria paints cans, and Ona's stepmother has to leave her children unsupervised to work in a sausage factory. The family's financial situation still continues to worsen, and their fear of losing their home increases. Due to misfortune, cousins Jurgis and Marija both must take undesirable jobs. Marija must
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Jeong WA 1 - HIS 204 The Jungle Assignments The book starts...

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