Jeong Question 9 - once Hitler started attacking France and...

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HIS 204 Identify America's efforts to stay out of World War II and the sequence of events that brought the U.S. into the war. When Germany declared war again Poland and Europe did not have treaty to go war and they did not want war with Hitler too because American’s never like war. The United States government and most industrialists were very unhappy with the rise of workers unions in Europe, and of course, the socialist government in the Soviet Union. Hitler promised to break unions, which a number of prominent US industrials supported Hitler initially focused his efforts on invading east of Germany, which many in the US had no problem with. Therefore, The Unites States government supported Hitler to stay out of World War II. For instance, Europe, America and most of industries supported Hitler in beginning again union workers and Soviet Union but
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Unformatted text preview: once Hitler started attacking France and UK had no choice to enter war and us still waiting side line. When Hitler turned his efforts west, and invaded France and threatened to invade the UK, is when the stance by the United States changed significantly and we entered the war with the Lend Lease act. U.S didnt formally enter the war though until we were attacked by the Japanese, part of the Axis Alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan. In December 1941, Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor by using booms. This event brought the U.S into the World War II Works Cited Main Causes of the Great Depression <> American Destiny , Mark C. Carnes, Longman, 2005...
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Jeong Question 9 - once Hitler started attacking France and...

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