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Jeong Question 11 - situation which also caused laws...

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HIS 204 Evaluate three of the changes created by Watergate on the American political landscape. Watergate is a general term for a series of political scandals during the presidency of Richard Nixon that resulted in the indictment of several of Nixon's closest advisors and the ultimate resignation of President Nixon himself on August 9 , 1974 . The Watergate scandal dramatically changed the way American political landscape. The Watergate scandal caused many people became cynical and worrisome over the government. Remnants of that period remain today. An administration of a sitting President who has been linked to a cover-up criminal activity breaks the trust in government. Second, Watergate was the cause of new laws leading to overall changes in campaign financing. The amendments to the Freedom of Information Act in 1986, was a key result of the
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Unformatted text preview: situation which also caused laws requiring new financial disclosures by key government officials to be created. Watergate led to a new era in which the mass media became far more aggressive in reporting on the activities of politicians. For example, Wilbur Mills, a powerful congressman, was in a drunken driving accident. The embarrassing incident, which was nothing new but rather the main stream media previously never mentioned, was reported, causing Mills to resign. Reporters become more aggressive in revealing the personal conduct of key politicians. This results in a cynical way in reporting on political issues. Works Cited Mark C. Carnes, (2005), American Destiny (2nd edition). NY : Longman A Nixon Era Times. Retrieved from <>...
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Jeong Question 11 - situation which also caused laws...

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