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EE 302 - F'07 - HW Schedule - F Source Transformations none...

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EE302 Detailed MWF Schedule - Fall 2007 Date Week # Day Lecture Topic HW Lab Notes 29-Aug 1 W Course Introduction NONE F LRC; Project Overview 3-Sep 2 M LABOR DAY W Problem Solving; Units; SF Robot 1 F Charge, Current, Voltage HW0 10-Sep 3 M Power W Sources; Resistors; Ohm's Law Robot 2 F HW1 HW1: Current, voltage, power, Ohm's Law 17-Sep 4 M KCL W KVL Robot 3 F HW2 HW2: KCL, KVL 24-Sep 5 M W Voltage and current dividers Robot 4 F Discussion Questions HW3 1-Oct 6 M Review - Work Problems W Exam 1 Circuits 1 F Node Voltage none Breadboard none 8-Oct 7 M W Exam 1 Discussion Robot 5 F Mesh Currents HW4 Competition HW4: Node voltage 15-Oct 8 M W Node/Mesh Circuits 2 F ECE Cirriculum HW5 Solar HW5: Mesh currents 22-Oct 9 M IP W Superposition Robot 6 F Review Node/Mesh HW6 Presentation HW6: Node/Mesh and superposition 29-Oct 10 M Work Problems W Exam 2 Circuits 3
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Unformatted text preview: F Source Transformations none Simulation none 5-Nov 11 M Exam 2 Discussion W Thevenin Equivalents Circuits 4 F HW7 Soldering HW7: Source Xform and basic Thévenin 12-Nov 12 M Maximum Power Transfer W Other Thevenin Topics Circuits 5 F Operational Amplifiers HW8 Equivalent Ckt. HW8: Thévenin and max power 19-Nov 13 M W NONE none F THANKSGIVING 26-Nov 14 M Review W Work Problems HW9 Circuits 6 HW9: Operational Amplifiers F Exam 3 Op-amp 3-Dec 15 M Residential wiring and safety W Final Review Proficiency F Final Review Con't HW10 none HW0: An online quiz to verify the students have UT network access HW3: Series/parallel resistors and current/voltage division...
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