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Prelim_1_Review_Guide - PAM 2100 Instructor Salam Abdus...

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PAM 2100 Instructor: Salam Abdus Spring 2009 Prelim 1 Review Guide Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (except section 2.5) will be covered in this prelim. In this prelim, two types of questions will be asked: problems and multiple choice questions. The problems will be similar to the questions that you have seen in the problem sets. The multiple choice questions will test your knowledge of the materials we have covered, and they will be similar to the practice problems that we solved during the lectures. From chapter 1 and 2 (except section 2.5), only the topics that we have covered during the lectures will be tested on the prelim. Topics in the textbook chapters 1 and 2 that were not covered in the lectures will not be tested in the prelim. The following is a list of the materials that we have covered. We have learned many definitions and equations (formulas) in these two chapters. In the prelim, I will never ask you to write down the definitions or the equations directly, but you will need to know the
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