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Psychology Exam II Study Sheet Implicit memory- information that becomes available without any conscious effort, Explicit memory- information that becomes available through conscious effort. The fundamental distinction is in the amount of conscious effort in retrieval of certain memories. Procedural memory is most difficult to put into words because it focuses on memories of things you know how to do. Activation is not one of the steps involved in memory formation. Encoded-stored- retrieved. Information travels through memory: LTM, STM, and LTM. B/c it can be brought from LTM, to working memory (what’s currently going on) back to LTM when not in use. STM- built in mechanism for focusing cognitive resources on a small set of mental representations. Components of working memory (STM) include: phonological loop, visuospatial sketchpad, and central executive. Alcohol damages the hippocampus which affects new declarative memories. Encoding- the process by which a mental representation is formed in memory.
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