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Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Oct. 28th

Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Oct. 28th - Psych 304 Lecture...

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Psych 304 Lecture Notes Oct. 28 th , 2008 Depression: - MAO inhibitors given in 1950s to treat people with tuberculosis: - MAO inhibitors cause an increase in monoamine concentration (dopamine, serotonin & norepinephrine) - this is where the Monoamine Hypothesis comes from - anti-depressants are often prescribed too quickly - many drugs interfere with one another; food can also interfere with drugs Depression: - is a disorder that includes: - emotional symptoms - cognitive symptoms - behavioral symptoms - physical symptoms Different Types of Depression: - endogenous(causes comes from inside the mind) - difficult to treat; doesn't go away over time (person stays “off balance”) - internal origins are unknown - exogenous (causes come from outside, eg. Failing an exam, grief over a death) - usually goes away over time (“time heals”) - unipolar (person stays low, negative, unhappy, resembles negative symptoms of schizophrenia) - bipolar (alternating between depressed (negative emotions) & manic state (extremely happy, vibrant, talkative, etc.)) - S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) - affective disorder = depression - in textbook, it says there is a gender difference in the percentage of cases of depression that occur (wrong) - even though there are more women statistically being prescribed drugs for depression, this doesn't mean that they necessarily need it Seasonal Depression (S.A.D.): - 2.5% cases worldwide (Alaska 10% → 4 times as much) - related to amount of light exposure, not temperature or sunshine -
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