Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Nov.25th

Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Nov.25th - Psych 304 Lecture...

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Psych 304 Lecture Notes Nov.25 th , 2008 *Read all of Chapter 9 for exam. *Topics covered in assigned readings in textbook are testable on the exam. Somatosensory System: For a drug to be addictive: - 1. it has to be pleasurable - 2. there has to be an association between the object & the pleasure (usually pleasure has to happen immediately after the object is present/taken) - 3. people have to develop tolerance to it Morphine administration: - bad way: waiting for person to be in pain to give shot of morphine; results in mental clouding & other side effects - good way: continually administering minimal dose of morphine (not waiting until the person is in pain) so that person staying in state of “no pain” & no mental clouding occurs - no addiction will occur because the person does not have an association to pleasure with the morphine if it is given the good way - animal models - tail suspension test (putting rat's tail in boiling water to test response with & without morphine administration given to the rat) - morphine works but there is tolerance - this test is only predictive for acute pain - need to build animal model that is appropriate for chronic pain - formaldehyde test (aka formalin test) - injecting formaldehyde under the skin of the animal - predictive for chronic pain - morphine works with no tolerance & no addiction - neuromatrix: - S1, S2 & the thalamus - limbic system - parietal lobe - neural maps that we are born with, but that also change throughout life & vary from one person to another - acute pain → can be easily localized
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Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Nov.25th - Psych 304 Lecture...

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