Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Nov.18th

Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Nov.18th - Psych 304 Lecture...

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Psych 304 Lecture Notes Nov.18 th , 2008 Auditory Lecture: Sound Waves: - sounds are vibrations of air molecules that stimulate the auditory system - unlike visual stimuli, sounds can go around obstacles and they work as well in the dark as in the light Frequency: - cycles per second - measured in Hertz (Hz) - pitch = our perception of frequency (increased frequency = higher pitch; decreased frequency = lower pitch) - humans hear between 20 - 20000 Hz Amplitude: - intensity or loudness - sound pressure measured in decibels (dB) - sound intensity at the Lions vs. Riders game on Sunday? - Riders practiced with 8 large speakers at 110 decibels (normally - game was “within 5-10% of a jet engine” at BC place - that's pretty loud considering the threshold of pain from sound is 130-140 decibels - threshold of hearing = 0 - whisper at 3 feet = 20 - very quiet; normal conversation at 3 feet = 60 - very annoying; prolonged exposure produces damage to hearing = 100 - threshold of severe pain; risk hearing loss = 140 - high-amplitude sound waves such as those generated by a rock band have greater energy than low- amplitude waves and a greater impact on the sensitive structure of the ear How do small vibrations of air molecules become the speech, music and other sounds we hear? How is the mechanical force of sound transduced into neural activity? Auditory System: - outer ear - middle ear - inner ear - transduction of mechanical energy into neural activity - auditory neural pathways - Picture of ear from textbook Outer Ear: - captures, focuses and filters sound - Pinna: - shape - modifies character of sound that reaches the middle and inner ear and aids in sound localization (some frequencies are enhanced (eg. Human speech), other frequencies are suppressed) - function - channel sound waves into the ear canal
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Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Nov.18th - Psych 304 Lecture...

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