Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Feb.3rd

Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Feb.3rd - Psych 304 Lecture Notes...

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Psych 304 Lecture Notes Feb. 3 rd , 2009 Lecture Outline: 1. Body temperature 2. Thermoregulatory responses a. Endotherms/ectotherms b. Activated by cold/heat 3. Hibernation 4. Monitoring and regulation of body temperature 5. Fever Regulatory Mechanism: Homeostasis: 1. The System Variable 2. A Set Point (or zone) 3. A detector 4. A correctional mechanism Influence of Activity on Heat Production: (don't need to know numbers) Activity Heat (kcal/hour) resting, sleeping 65 awake, sitting 100 light exercise 170 moderate exercise 290 strenuous exercise 450 very strenuous exercise 600 - a third of heat production is done by the brain - body regulation is very important because we cannot function if it is either too hot or too cold - babies cannot regulate body temp very well Endotherms: - regulate internal temperatures by both autonomic and behavior means (eg. mammals and birds) Ectotherms: - unable to retain heat -- they depend on their surroundings for normal thermoregulation (eg. reptiles and amphibians) 1. Changing exposure of the body surface (by extending or scrunching in limbs) 2. Changing external insulation 3. Selecting a place that is less thermally stressful - homeostatic signals - hormones - biological rhythms Refer to Fig. 13.8 (pg. 394) → monitoring and regulating body temperature - behavioral responses:
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- shivering - heat seeking/avoiding behaviors - autonomic responses: - vasoconstruction/dilation - sweating - respiration - brown-fat stimulation - thyroid hormone secretion Dog has rete mirabele (“marvelous network”) that acts like a cooling system in the brain whereas the
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Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Feb.3rd - Psych 304 Lecture Notes...

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