Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Apr. 7th

Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Apr. 7th - Psych 304 Lecture...

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Psych 304 Lecture Notes Apr. 7 th , 2009 - Bonobo: ape that was trained to use language o o If you want to teach an animal language, should teach a young animal, not an adult o Bonobo is similar to humans (eg. Female bonobo experiences orgasm; bonobos mate facing each other which is unusual for an animal) - Children are experts at language (universal for all languages) - After puberty, acquisition of language declines (eg. Learning new language difficult after puberty) - High posture of babies and apes limits their ability to produce language - Language requires contribution of both brain hemispheres - Yerkes was one of centers where language was studied (should be in textbook) Aphasia : disorder of language apparent in speech, writing (agraphia) or reading (alexia) produced by injury to brain areas specialized for these functions - disturbance of language due to severe intellectual impairment, loss of sensory input, paralysis or incoordination of the musculature of the mouth or hand are not aphasic disturbances - there is no gender difference in recovery from aphasia if there was a trauma - younger people are more likely to recover easily - training also aids in recovery (critical window of opportunity: training within 2 weeks of trauma) - Broca’s area & Wernicke’s area are only found in one of the hemispheres o Broca’s area (area 45): for speech production o Wernicke’s area (area 22 in the left hemisphere): for speech comprehension o Fibers connect Broca’s area & Wernicke’s area through the Arcuate fasciculus Disorders of Language: 1. Disorders of Comprehension: “Wernicke”
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Psych 304 Lecture Notes - Apr. 7th - Psych 304 Lecture...

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