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Psych 314 Lecture Notes - Mar.25th

Psych 314 Lecture Notes - Mar.25th - Psych 314 Lecture...

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Psych 314 Lecture Notes Mar.25 th , 2009 Ch.11 – Management of Chronic Illness: - it is common to have a chronic illness (almost everyone ends up with one in the end) - big impact on life if you have chronic illness from a young age Chronic Illness: - hypertension, asthma, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, heart failure, chronic pain, epilepsy, etc. - accounts for 2/3 of the national health spending (huge amount of money spent) Emotional Responses of Chronic Illness: - denial: defense mechanism by which people avoid the implications of an illness o positive effects: denial can help relieve stress of having the illness, gives you time to adjust to idea of having the disease, gives you energy to deal with other things relating to the disease o negative effects: delaying start of treatment, not taking action to adjust your life to disease, disease might get worse or require worse treatment - anxiety: causes emotional distress, poor coping (varies with stages of disease) - depression: often starts when the acute phase of chronic illness has ended, difficult to diagnosis (symptoms of depression are similar with symptoms of illness itself), more stable factor Personal Issues in Chronic Disease: (major!) - self-concept: stable set of beliefs about one’s personal qualities and attributes - self-esteem: global evaluation of one’s qualities and attributes, whether one feels good or bad about one’s qualities and attributes - physical self, achieving self, social self, private self - rehabilitation programs focused to restore self-concept or teach patients to cope Psychological Interventions & Chronic Illness: - adverse effects of chronic illness: anxiety, depression, disturbances in interpersonal relationships - Quality of Life: Overview - traditional view: quality of life measured in terms of length of survival & signs of
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