Eosc 270 Lecture Notes - March 12th

Eosc 270 Lecture Notes - March 12th - Eosc 270 Lecture...

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Eosc 270 Lecture Notes March 12 th , 2009 Coral Reefs: - Nature journal sunscreen wipes out corals (chemicals can kill symbiotic algae that live in corals) - Science Daily journal coral reefs may start dissolving when atmospheric carbon dioxide doubles Deep sea corals: (cold water corals) - abundant in continental regions of Canada & US - will not be discussed due to time constraints Coral Reefs: - most productive & diverse ecosystems on the planet - only occupy 0.17% of the global surface area - greatest taxa diversity in one unit of area - 50% of calcium in the ocean is removed by coral reefs (converted to calcium carbonate by coral reefs) - occur in water where concentrations of nutrients are very low (subtropical) - huge colonial animal – visible from space - inhabited by many different organisms - definition of coral reef : massive structure built by the deposition of calcium carbonate by corals - calcareous algae: algae that secrete calcium carbonate & help build the reef - sponges: also contribute to the building of the reef - reefs are restricted to the tropics even though corals are found throughout the world Phylum: Cnidaria: - three major classes: o 1. Hydrozoa: fire coral, portugese man-o-war, can sting you o 2. Scyphozoa: jellyfish o 3. Anthozoa: major reef building corals (hermatypic have symbionts) Class: Anthozoa: - Two sub-classes: 1. Hexacorallia (6 tentacles, hard corals); 2. Octacorallia (8 tentacles, soft corals) - Scleractinia: part of Hexacorallia, “true” corals, hard CaCO3 skeleton (brain
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This note was uploaded on 05/09/2009 for the course EOSC 270 taught by Professor Pakomov/maldonado during the Spring '09 term at UBC.

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Eosc 270 Lecture Notes - March 12th - Eosc 270 Lecture...

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