as1 - Physics 16 Assignment #1 During the weeks of...

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Physics 16 Assignment #1 During the weeks of September 20-29, 2005, read in David Morin’s textbook Appendices A, B and C in Chapter 14 and Chapters 1, 2 and 3 except for section 3.4. Note that Appendices B and C are extremely important, because they are connected to the rules of coherence that will determine the effort points you get on your problem sets. Appendix A is not great reading — it is primarily for reference. Nevertheless, it is useful to go over it line by line. You are not expected to know all these formulas before starting the course. But if these formulas throw you into a state of panic, then 16 may not be right for you! This problem set is a little longer than normal, both because you have longer than normal to do it and because there should be some review here from your previous physics classes. However, the level and style of the problems is typical of what you can expect in the rest of the course. The problems should be thought provoking and interesting, not cookbook or requiring busywork. Often (though less so in this set), there is a clever idea that makes the problem much easier if you get it. which will be easier problems with multiple choice solutions, to be answered on the web page. We encourage you to work on these problems in study groups. What I think works best is to first go over the problem set on your own. Write down an outline of how you would do each problem. Maybe try to do one problem all the way through. Then compare notes with your study group, work on the set together and ask questions if you get stuck. Don’t spin your wheels for too long. There is a very delicate balance here. It is important to struggle for a while, and there is nothing like the feeling of struggling with a problem and then finally getting it! This is the Eureka experience that keeps us doing science. But you should not waste your time staring at one problem
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as1 - Physics 16 Assignment #1 During the weeks of...

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