The electron reaches and comes to a momentary halt at

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Unformatted text preview: ectron reaches and comes to a momentary halt at a point on the axis which is 5.0 m from the center of the ring. The initial speed of the electron at infinity is closest to: A) 2x106 m/s B) 9x106 m/s C) 3x106 m/s D) 4x106 m/s E) 6x106 m/s 5. In the figure above, four charges are placed at the corners of a square of side 3 cm. What is the electrostatic energy of this system? A) -5.60 J B) -4.80 J C) -6.20 J D) -2.40 J E) -3.10 J Use the following to answer question 6. Figure 2: Two large conducting parallel plates A and B are separated by 2.4 m. A uniform field of 1500 V/m, in the positive x-direction, is produced by charges on the plates. The center plane at x = 0.0 m is an equipotential surface on which V = 0. An electron is projected from x= 0.0 m, with an initial kinetic energy K = 300 eV, in the positive x-direction, as shown. In Figure 2, the kinetic energy of the electron as it reaches a plate is closest to: 6. A) 1800 eV B) 3600 eV C) 2100 eV D) 300 eV E) 1500 eV 7. Two conducting spherica...
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