Two conducting spherical shells are concentric with

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Unformatted text preview: l shells are concentric, with radii of 0.80 m and 2.00 m. The electric potential of the inner shell, with the respect to the outer shell, is +1080 V. The maximum electric field magnitude between the shells is closest to: A) 2800 V/m B) 2400 V/m Use the following to answer questions 8-9. C) 2200 V/m D) 2600 V/m E) 2000 V/m 8. Two long conducting cylindrical shells are coaxial and have radii of 20 mm and 80 mm. The electric potential of the inner conductor, with respect to the outer conductor, is +600 V. An electron is released from rest at the surface of the outer conductor. The speed of the electron as it reaches the inner conductor is closest to: A) 1.1 x 107 m/s B) 1.7 x 107 m/s C) 1.3 x 107 m/s D) 1.5 x 107 m/s E) 1.9 x 107 m/s E) 14,000 V/m 9. The maximum electric field magnitude between the cylinders is closest to: A) 26,000 V/m B) 22,000 V/m C) 10,000 V/m D) 18,000 V/m 10. Figure 3: Three conducting spheres of radii 1 meter, 2 meters and 3 meters are shown. The spheres are positioned with eac...
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