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Chapter 44 - Chapter 44 The Nervous System I Function of a...

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Chapter 44 The Nervous System I. Function of a Nervous System A. Detect external and internal stimuli B. Respond to stimuli C. maintain homeostasis through feedback loops D. integration II. Parts of a Nervous System 1. Central Nervous System (CNS) A. Brain Interneurons B. Spinal Cord 2. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) A. Motor Neurons (efferent) = away B. Sensory Neurons (afferent) = towards C. Structure of the PNS 1. Somatic system – skeletal muscles 2. Autonomic system – smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands a. sympathetic – fight or flight b. parasympathetic – rest and repose
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III. Structure of a Neuron 1. Cell body = enlarged portion containing the nucleus 2. Dendrites – cytoplasmic extensions of the cell body that receive information 3. Axon – carries impulse away from cell body 4. Myelin sheath – covering of cells around axon, increases velocity of impulse – Schwann cells 5. Neuron Types a. sensory neurons – sensory receptors, receive information and transfers to CNS b. interneuron – integrate, interpret stimuli
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