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Chapter 34 - Chapter 34 Coelomate invertebrates I Phylum...

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Chapter 34 Coelomate invertebrates I. Phylum Mollusca A. Characteristics 1. True coelom – reduced to an area surrounding the heart, gonads, kidneys 2. bilateral symmetry 3. protostomes 4. soft body 5. mantle - covers visceral mass, forms cavity, secretes shell if present 6. muscular foot – locomotion, food capture 7. respiration – gills or lung(mantle cavity) 8. Excretion – nephridia –early kidney 9. Shell – CaCO 3 Protection 10. radula – feeding structure except bivalves 11. circulatory system - 1 st phyla, open type system except cephalopods
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B. Classes of Mollusks 1. Gastropods – snails & slugs a. marine, fresh water, terrestrial * b. ventral foot locomotion c. shell coiling d. torsion – rotation of alimentary canal 180 o 2. Bivalvia – clams, oysters, scallops a. filter feeders b. sedentary c. loss of cephalization, radula d. hinged shells e. wedged shaped foot for for burrowing
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