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Tutorial 5: Deflection of beam 1. Find the expression for the maximum slope and the maximum deflection of a simply supported beam due to a uniform load w over the entire span L . The beam has a constant EI . Sketch the bending moment and elastic curve diagrams. Answer: wL EI wL EI 34 24 5 384 ; 2. Determine the slope and deflection at the end of the cantilevers shown below. Take EI as constant. Answer: Wa EI Wa EI L aw L EI wL EI 22 3 68 ,; , a L w L W 3. A cantilever of length L and flexural rigidity EI is loaded with concentrated loads of W 1 at the free end and W 2 at mid- length. Show that the deflection at the free end is ( ) WW L EI 12 3 51 6 3 + / . If L = 3.0 m, W 1 = 6 x 10 4 N, W 2 = 4 x 10 4 N, find the least value of I if the end deflection is 0.6 cm. Take E =185 GPa
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