Tut 4 - BStress - Tutorial 4: Bending Stress and Shear...

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Unformatted text preview: Tutorial 4: Bending Stress and Shear Stress in Beams 1. A member has the dimension shown is to be used to resist an internal bending of M = 17 kNm. Determine the maximum stress in the member if the moment is applied (a) about the z- z axis; (b) about the y-y axis. Sketch the stress distribution for each case. Answer: 945 Pa; 1889 Pa. 3m 6m y x z 2. The chair is supported by an arm which is hinged so it rotates about the vertical axis at AA. If the load on the chair is 80 kg and the arm is an hollow tube section of dimensions 75 mm x 25 mm and 6 mm in thickness, determine the maximum bending stress at section a-a. Answer: 9.7 MPa. A A 80 kg a a 200 mm 3. The simply supported beam of 6 m in length subjected to the load of 1.5 kN at mid span. Determine the maximum bending stress in the beam at a section taken just to the left of its centre. (All dimensions are in mm) . Answer: 27.45 MPa 1.5 kN 30 50 50 30 40 30 40 4. A T-section beam is under an evenly distributed load as shown. Find the maximum compressive and tensile stresses occurring in the beam. Answer: 67.4 MN/m 2 ; 37.9 MN/m 2 . 10 kN/m 4 m 2 m 150 mm 25 mm 200 mm 5. A cast iron I-section beam is shown. Determine the position of the centroid of the section and the second moment of area about the axis through the centroid and parallel to the flanges. If the permissible stresses are 30 MN/m 2 in compression and 15 MN/m 2 in tension, evaluate the maximum uniformly distributed load which the beam can safely carry, when its ends are simply supported and the span is 4 m....
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Tut 4 - BStress - Tutorial 4: Bending Stress and Shear...

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