MEEM2003 Teaching Plan for FULL Time Class

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MEEM2003 Teaching Plan for 07-08. Week Tutorial Lecture Content 1 Report Writing Intro/Stress-strain 2 -- Stress-strain 3 Quiz 1 – Stress Plain Stress & Mohr Circle 4 -- Plain Stress & Mohr Circle 5 -- -- 6 -- Beams, SFD/BMD 7 Quiz 2 – Mohr Circle Beams, SFD/BMD 8 -- Bending Stress Theory 9 Quiz 3 – SFD/BMD Beam Shear Stress 10 -- Beam Deflection (double integration) 11 Quiz 4 – Deflection Beam Deflection (moment area method)
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Unformatted text preview: 12 -- Torsion 13 Quiz 5 - Torsion Combined Bending & Torsion 14 -- MOCK TEST -Students will have a short quiz in the first 15 minutes of the tutorial class. For late comers, they have to wait outside the tutorial room and are allowed to join the tutorial class after the quiz is over. -Remember to download the lecture note and tutorial questions from ‘ Blackboard ’....
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