eco week 4 checkpoint part 1

eco week 4 checkpoint part 1 - helps you do more than just...

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I think that the United States benefits from trading with other countries greatly because it gives the people in the United States different things to choose for themselves. Everyone has different interests in things or personal preferences between things of similar content. A good example are the x box by Microsoft, the play station III by Sony, and the Wii by Nintendo. The play station III is now offering the internet hook up and the ability to play blue ray movies along with the high graphic games. The x box offers great graphics and the ability to play games. The Wii actually gets you more involved with your complete body and
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Unformatted text preview: helps you do more than just sit on the couch with its interactive technology. Trade also offers the advancement of new and exciting technologies like the Nintendo Wii. This also allows us to expand our current knowledge and invent better things, like the hybrid cars and solar energies to make life better for us. Trade can also make some countries have a better way of living. There a re plenty of advantages to trade between different countries, without trade, people would not have the luxuries they have today. Some of these luxuries are the different colors of granite, different automakers like Toyota, and different foods....
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