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ARLT 101g Masters of Power: 10 Ancient Lives Spring 2009 Third Writing Assignment Choose one topic and write four complete pages—but not more than five--typed double-spaced, in Times Roman 12. Pay special attention to the role you’re assuming as a writer and to who your target audience is. Be sure to use details from the historical and artistic sources you draw upon. The assignment is due in discussion sections on April 21, 22 or 23. Note policy on assignments. Electronic submissions not accepted. 1. Herstory? “Well behaved women don’t usually make history” (motto on T-shirt, Venice Beach, CA). You’ve been invited to address the 2009 graduating class of an all-girls high school. For your subject, you’re going to answer the question, “How does Cleopatra VII demonstrate the challenge of “herstory”—of how a woman can hold power in a man’s world?” Discuss at least three key moments in Cleopatra’s life, including successes and failures. 2.
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