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ARLT Final Ex 09l - ARLT 101g Spring 2009 Masters of Power...

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ARLT 101g Masters of Power: 10 Ancient Lives Spring 2009 Final Exam Study Sheet: Weeks 8-12 Julius Caesar 1. How did Rome’s geographical location help it grow as a city-state—and eventually to develop an empire that could be more powerful than the Athenian empire? How did warfare play a dominant role in Rome’s expansion of power? 2. As the Roman Republic and its empire grew, how did the plebians use their military manpower to gain some political rights from the wealthier patricians? 3. Why was a growing empire in Italy and the Mediterranean in some ways BAD for the Roman Republic? How was the military general or “strong man” a particularly difficult problem for the Republic to control? 4. Using Plutarch’s and Suetonius’ biographies, how can we identify these four major themes in Caesar’s life: (a) supreme ambition; (b) military invincibility; (c) generosity & clemency; (d) power-broker & deal-maker? Use file on Blackboard under “Assignments” called “Focus Questions on Julius Caesar.” 5. Be able to tell at least 2 anecdotes illustrating each theme (e.g., JC & the Pirates; Alpine Village; Tears over Alexander; To Hell with that Horse; Bridge over the Rhine; Brittania or Bust; Caesar Sandwich at Alesia; At the Rubicon; etc.). 6. How did Caesar’s conquest of Gaul make a giant step to supreme power? Who was Pompey the Great—and how did JC defeat him at Pharsalus in 49 BC? 7. When JC visited Egypt, why did he and young queen Cleopatra have an affair? 8. Returning to Rome, what did JC do to arouse fears that he wanted to become king and end the Republic? Tell 2 anecdotes about his “royal” attitude or behavior. 9. Who organized a conspiracy against him? What motivated the conspirators? What are 3- 4 of the omens or portents about JC’s death? 10. How did the conspirators actually carry out the deed on March 15, 44 BC? Be able to describe 3-4 significant details about the deed. How does Plutarch’s description of it differ from Suetonius’? HBO Rome: Episode on JC’s Assassination 1. How did the creators of the series try to make JC’s assassination meaningful to today’s viewers? Who are Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo? How are their lives entwined with Caesar’s?
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2. Who are Atia and Servilia? Why do the actions of these 2 women, and their relationship
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ARLT Final Ex 09l - ARLT 101g Spring 2009 Masters of Power...

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