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ARLT Study Sheet Final 2 - Hollywood Cleopatra (1963) [Joe...

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Hollywood Cleopatra (1963) [Joe Mankiewicz, director] 1. Give a few facts about the film’s scope, budget, locations, sets, and other production problems that represent the EXCESS Cleopatra seems to inspire in everyone who want to tell her story. Was the making of this movie a rational or irrational decision by 20 th Century Fox? 2. Why was Liz Taylor cast in the starring role? Given her career, image, and talent, was this role appropriate or inappropriate for her? Which scene best showcases her talent for the role? Which best reveals her limitations? 3. How would you compare Richard Burton’s training and talents as an actor to Liz’s? Which is his best scene? His worst? 4. How did their scandalous off-screen romance while filming in Rome bring alive the story of Antony and Cleopatra in an unexpected way? 5. Review the description of major scenes from the movie (Blackboard): which two scenes best demonstrate the strengths of this movie as a vehicle for the Cleopatra story? Which two scenes best demonstrate its weakness? HBO Rome (2007): Cleo & Antony 1. How did the producers of this series decide NOT to follow Plutarch and Shakespeare closely in depicting the last days and the deaths of Antony and Cleo? 2. Is Antony portrayed as heroic, pathetic, or just a fool? How well does the actor James Purefoy play Antony? Which scene is his most memorable? Does his interaction with the ordinary Roman Lucius Vorenus help or hinder his death scene? 3. Is the casting of Lindsey Marshal as Cleo surprising or unremarkable? Does she succeed in capturing Cleo as an ordinary woman, a head of state, and something more than human? Which scene is her most effective?
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ARLT Study Sheet Final 2 - Hollywood Cleopatra (1963) [Joe...

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